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Gain immediate access today to our online DJ & music production school in just a few steps… Our huge library of HD videos can be viewed on any device and at any time! We will teach YOU the secrets to not only DJing and making music, but how to get gigs (to get paid to do what you love!) and how to promote yourself so YOU succeed using our proven DJ formula! Learn how to DJ with the help of some of the best Pros on the planet.
If you dream of that incredible feeling of DJing in front of thousands of people who are willing you on.. and furthermore getting paid to do exactly what you love then you are in the right place! DJing and music production opens many doors and we are going to show you everything you need to know. So, what are you waiting for?
There has never been a better time to learn how to DJ & you can be rest-assured our team will help you every step of the way with unlimited email support off the Pros (Great isn’t it?!)… And because we have an online DJ school, we can charge considerably less than all other DJ schools, whilst giving you access to much more material at the same time! Learn more about us here!
We understand YOUR needs and have laser designed our lessons around what our existing members have asked for and from years and years of experience of how to easily fast-track our students to DJ success!
Getting started is easy. In just a few clicks, you can gain unlimited access to over 115 premium DJ & music production tutorial videos and learn the ultimate secrets and fundamentals to becoming a top pro DJ & producer & getting highly paid gigs. There’s never been a better time to learn!



  • eq

    Using EQ (Equalization) On The Pioneer DJM Series

  • sens

    How To Use Sends & Returns For DJ Effects In Ableton Live

  • beatgrid

    Setting Up Beat Grids In Traktor Pro

  • echofadebleeds1

    How To Use Echo Fade Bleeds On The Pioneer DJM Series

  • How to create a looping

    How To Create a Looping Effect Using Ableton’s Simpler

  • Intro to UDJ scratching course

    Introduction To The UDJ Scratching Course

  • Our Testimonials

    I joined with no DJ experience and after hard work, played my first house party successfully!

    Chris Buckler (UDJ Student, England)

    I had the pleasure of working for UDJ and the content is second to none. Highly recommended!

    Dan Castro (Atlantic, Rising, Cr2 Records)

    I would consider myself a seasoned veteran, but UDJ Academy enabled me to further hone my skillset.

    James Doman (Fly Eye Records)

    These courses provided me with an incredible foundation to change DJ platforms and pick up tips I never knew existed!

    Damian Saint (Resident at W Hotel, Bali)

    The courses are very clear, concise and in my opinion the best on the net to learn. Cheers guys!

    Niklas Gustavsson (Axtone/Le7els)
    Danny Modular DJ

    Amazing courses and excellently structured content! A must whether a beginner or pro…

    Danny Modular (Komedia, Brighton)


    • Beatport Cheating – How To Potentially Ruin Your DJ Career (& How To Avoid This!)

      beatport cheating

      It is really important to learn to DJ and produce the RIGHT way!


      Breaking into the music business is hard for artists of any genre. DJs have an even harder time since there is so much competition. The good news is, it is possible to break through with the right DJ and music production tuition. The bad news is, Beatport cheating is a real thing and there are many artists and labels at it! (Click title to read more)

      Click here to learn how to DJ – Free Lessons!

      When it comes to dance music, technological advances have made the barrier drop, yet the community has a high interest. This enables DJs and producers to be able to make more music, which means it is harder for them to get noticed in the industry as a whole without quality material and attention to detail.
      When you look back at the history of the music industry, you will find that it is full of scam artists who suggest they have success short cuts. Instead, they provide you with bots, fake likes, and phantom plays similar to what goes on at social media networks. Beatport is one of the places where unethical payola (the word for buying your own tracks to boost their chart position) is common. Not just individuals, but labels are at it because they know a high chart position means more gigs for their artists!

      It is amazing that a Beatport chart position is so influential when it comes to DJs careers. However, when frauds are involved the DJs are definitely not going to get the recognition that they desire. In order to be a successful DJ you have to know more than just how to DJ in its simple format. You have to be innovative and excellent in the communication department too.

      Over the past years, there has been an increase in service providers claiming that they can get aspiring DJs to the position that they want for a fee. Beatport keeps things under control though by monitoring their charts daily so they can quickly spot out unusual activity. They also frequently update to keep scammers out. They are not always successful yet they are improving every day to wipe this out and keep it an even playing field.

      Once a cheating DJ or track on Beatport has been spotted, they are removed from the store and sometimes they are banned permanently from the site altogether. They are sad to have to do this but angry that these “so called” DJs would stoop to this level to try to reach success. It may be tempting to go to these service providers, yet when you are caught your consequences will be severe. Your reputation will be ruined and you may have just cost yourself your DJ career too.
      So before going to these chart-boosting services make sure you weigh both the pros and the cons. There are no shortcuts in the DJ world. To get where you want to be you have to work hard and do things the legit way! Learn how to DJ and produce properly and you WILL be getting paid for gigs and playing out at amazing venues the RIGHT way…

      Click here to learn how to DJ PROPERLY – Free Lessons!


    • Learn How To Produce A Track In 30 Seconds (Wow! If He Can, So Can You.. Seriously!)

      Check out this video below of this little guy making a hip hop track in 30 seconds below! Play the video directly below!

      If he can do it, what is stopping you?! Some good talent! Learn to DJ and learn to produce with Ultimate DJ Academy today!

      Click here to learn how to DJ – Free Lessons!

      Click here to learn how to DJ – Free Lessons!  

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